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    Infantry Aces Mega-Battle

    May 9, 2012


    In May of 1944, the Allied offensive in Italy had come to a grinding halt. The Allied efforts to break the German defenses centered around Monte Cassino had been frustrated at every turn. Despite repeated attacks since January, the Allied advance gained no more than a few miles around the formidable Axis defenses that guarded the Italian capital of Rome. Even the bold amphibious maneuver at Anzio, designed to outflank the defensive lines anchored around Cassino, had turned into a disaster. The Allied forces at Anzio were trapped on a tiny beachhead, stuck on the defensive against repeated German counterattacks.

    With the invasion of Normandy imminent, the Italian campaign was about to be relegated to a side show. Key units and resources were being stripped away from the Allied command in Italy to reinforce the upcoming invasion of France. The Allied commanders in Italy knew the clock was ticking. They had one final, best chance to take Rome. On May 11, 1944, they launched OPERATION DIADEM – the final great push against the fortified lines around Cassino. 

    Our huge cross-Bay Infantry Aces campaign is coming to a roaring conclusion! We’ll be celebrating the end of our awesome dual-campaign with our friends at EndGame in Oakland – as well as marking the 68th anniversary of the fourth and final battle of Cassino – with a multi-player Mega-Battle on Saturday, May 19 at 11:30am right here at Gamescape North. Don’t miss the big finale!

    Flames of War Infantry Aces Escalation League Mega-Battle
    Saturday, May 19th 11:30am-6pm
    A Roll of the Final Dice at Cassino!