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    Warhammer 40K Early-Summer Tournament

    May 21, 2012

    “I have at my command an entire battle group of the Imperial Guard. Fifty regiments, including specialized drop troops, stealthers, mechanized formations, armored companies, combat engineers and mobile artillery. Over half-a-million fighting men and thirty-thousand tanks and artillery pieces are mine to command. Emperor show mercy to the fool that stands against me, for I shall not.”

    On Sunday, June 3rd, Gamescape will be hosting our early-summer Warhammer 40,000 tournament. From 11am to 6pm, we’ll be fighting it out for supreme dominance of the universe. And prizes. And hugs. There will be a $10 entry fee, with all proceeds going to prizes for our top generals as well as awards to those with the best painted/converted minis.

    Assemble your finest 1500-point Warhammer 40K army list, dust off those minis, finish off those bases you’ve been working on, that final highlight, or, for the Emperor’s sake, just get some paint over that primer! For more information and sign-ups swing by the store or check our forum post.

    Warhammer 40K Early-Summer Tournament
    Sunday, June 3rd 11am-6pm
    It’s just beginning to get HOT!