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    The Ol’ Switcharoo

    June 4, 2012


    Summer heralds longer days and, hopefully for you, some stretches of vacation from school and work. To us, that means more time for games and events at Gamescape! To accommodate the greater amount of activity in the store during the coming months, we’ve made more room in our calendar of events for more of what’s been really hot at the store lately. You’ll find the weekends full from open to close (and beyond!) with great game days, tournaments, and more.

    We’ll be trying out some new things and resurrecting some old favorites that have once again gotten some recent attention: games like Malifaux, Songs of Our Ancestors, and Mercs. Keep your eyes out for demos of these and more on the weekends if you want to try something cool. We’re also moving some regular events around to days that work better for them. For instance, Infinity is now on Sundays, Warmachine and Hordes are featured on Saturdays, and the L5R CCG gets its very own slot on Wednesday evenings.

    And don’t forget upcoming special events like Free RPG Day and our first ever Bargain Basement Bash later this month. Whether you’re looking through the lost treasures from deep inside our dungeon, grabbing a space at the table for some great role-playing, or joining the party on Thursday evening Board Game events, Gamescape North is definitely the place to be this summer!

    You can always stay up-to-date with what’s happening at the store by checking out our often-updated Calendar page, or feel free to grab a print copy on the counter next time you’re visiting. And yes, the picture above is actually rendering straight. Pretty cool optical illusion, eh?