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    WarmaHordes Demo-Demo

    July 12, 2012

    Welcome to a world where Magic meets Machine…

    The raging, fast-paced tabletop miniatures games of Warmachine and Hordes are set in the Iron Kingdoms, an environment that combines the richness of traditional fantasy with the excitement of steam-power and gunpowder. Across the realm of Immoren, ancient rivalries among powerful nations and tribes are exploding into all-out conflict, setting the stage for the warring factions of Warmachine and Hordes as they struggle to preserve their ancient homelands or to conquer new territories.

    Warmachine and Hordes are 30mm tabletop miniatures wargames that put each player in control of a powerful battle-wizard/soldier-sorcerer who harnesses the savage power of mighty warbeasts or massive steam-powered combat robots, in conjunction with troops of all types, to take on opposing generals. Amongst thundering cannons, iron fists and armor-rending claws, two magic users pit their armies of men, beasts, and machines against each other in a dynamic, epic struggle for dominance where only one side is victorious – and the other is reduced to scrap and carnage littering the field of war.

    This Saturday, July 14th, Gamescape North will be hosting an afternoon demo of this unique and popular miniatures game in the front of the store. We encourage you to come down and try your hand at commanding Steam Warjacks and Feral Warbeasts in a fight to the finish. For participating in the demo, we’re also offering 10% off a main rulebook or battlegroup to get you started in the game.

    Warmachine/Hordes Demonstration Demolition
    Saturday, July 14th 1-5pm
    Magic, Machine, and Mayhem!