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    Flames of War Demo

    July 15, 2012

    It’s 1944… the fires of war blaze hot again in Western Europe!

    On the 6th of June, British and American forces stormed the beaches of Normandy, bringing the war back to the shores of France. Germany, knowing the invasion to be imminent, fortified the coasts and inland causeways to best protect their hard-fought gains, but to no avail. Now, American GIs & British Tommies are matched in a do-or-die struggle with German Grenadiers to determine the fate and freedom of Europe.

    Flames of War is a tabletop miniatures wargame that simulates the battles fought during World War II using 15mm miniatures. The game is separated into three different eras: Early War (1939-1941), Mid-War (1942-1943), and Late War (1944-1945), each of which has its own unique books that detail the nations, troops, and equipment available during those periods of the conflict. Played at company level with multiple platoons of models to represent all of the various tanks, trucks, guns, infantry and commanders seen throughout the war, you command your force against an opponent to re-fight the decisive battles of the Second World War. Each nation has numerous companies to choose from, each one drawing upon historical units and formations that were deployed in the many theaters of war, giving you the opportunity to honor specific units that fought by once again fielding them in battle.

    On Saturday, July 21st 1-5pm, Gamscape North will be presenting a demo of the Flames of War miniatures game in the front of the store. We encourage you to come down and try your hand at commanding a U.S. Rifle Company or German Grenadiers, both supported by tanks and assault guns, as they struggle to control a small town in the hinterlands of France. For playing in the demo, we’re offering 10% off a Starter Box, Main Rulebook, or Company Box to get you going in the game. Now, To Arms for the Fate of Europe!

    Flames of War Demonstration
    Saturday, July 21st 1-5pm
    If you were there, how would you command the troops?