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    Warmachine & Hordes are Back!

    July 25, 2012

    On Sunday, August 4th, Gamescape North will be heralding in a new era of the miniatures cuvée we affectionately call WarmaHordes with a gigantic Steamroller tournament that lasts the whole day through. Read below for the tournament notes, but also know that this event is a two-fold celebration: as well as pummeling each other into steaming piles of scrap metal, this is the pre-cursor to our upcoming Journeyman League, which will run at the store for the next three months. All players are welcome to attend the Steamroller tournament regardless of whether they plan on joining in the continuing league, the full details of which will be revealed very soon.

    As for the Steamroller tourney itself, you’ll want to bring a single 25-point list for four one-hour rounds of action. The entry fee is $5 per player. We’ve certainly got prizes to hand out, including the awesome Privateer Press victory coins! All the details can be found on our forum thread. Read it, know it, and prepare for it. It’s time to grind some metal!


    Warmachine/Hordes Steamroller Tournament & Journeyman League Kickoff
    Sunday, Aug 4th 12-8pm
    Magic, Machine, and Mayhem!