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    A Brace of Deadly Weapons

    September 13, 2012

    Honorable samurai: September is indeed an exciting month for the Legend of the Five Rings CCG. Two Premier events are coming to our store, due in no small part to the participation and dedication of our players. Enjoy them both, as you have earned them.

    On Wednesday, September 19th at 6pm, we will be commencing our L5R Bushi League to commemorate the launch of the 10,000th card – The Deciding Moment – which all participants will receive on the initial day of registration, as long as our supplies last. League events will be held once per month and the season will last until November 28th.

    Bushi League is an interesting and unique format that works to level the playing field for novice and veteran participants alike. Barring the use of rare cards or direct-only sets, players must build decks using only common and uncommon cards. The entrance fee for the league will be $1. More information regarding the Bushi League can be found on our L5R forum.

    The second event of note is the surprising and excitingly unorthodox Sword Tournament. As many of you may have seen, there is currently a katana residing in our glass case at the counter. This glorious weapon was given to us after we became a Level-5 Stronghold store, thanks to all the players who have registered Gamescape North for their Imperial Assembly account. And so, we are giving the support back to the players who have earned it. On Sunday, October 7th at 12 noon, we will be hosting a Standard Constructed tournament in which the top player receives the legendary soul of the samurai, the mighty katana! As well, close runners-up will receive packs of the most recent card set. The entrance fee for this event will be $10.

    Both of these tournaments are official storyline events, with the clan that sees the highest number of victories influencing the actual storyline of the game in Rokugan’s official doctrine. Will your clan be the one to drive the Dark Naga back into the nightmarish land of Jigoku or will you merely pave the way for his march on Rokugan? Will you carry the word of Fudo on your lips or continue to dedicate your life to the Tao of Shinsei? The future of the Emerald Empire rests with you, brave warrior!