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    October GRPA

    October 23, 2012

    Click the link for the official lineup of role-playing games scheduled for it on Monday, October 29th. Have a look below, and if you’d like to join us for any of these sessions, please select a game in which you’d like to participate and either call or write us back with your name and selection. All games are free and will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis, and you’ll be responded to immediately with your status in the game.

    What’s GRPA? Find out here!

    GRPA – Monday, October 29th 6-11pm

    Game #1 – Star Wars RPG Beta Playtest
    Star Wars: Edge of the Empire RPG

    2-4 Players
    GM – Mike O’Brien

    It is a time of civil war. Throughout the galaxy, the outmanned and outgunned REBEL ALLIANCE battles the GALACTIC EMPIRE. The Rebels have scored their first victory, destroying the fearsome DEATH STAR. Despite the recent upheaval, the Galactic Civil War does not dominate the galaxy.

    In the remote Outer Rim Territories, a band of smugglers and fringers work to escape debts owed to the ruthless gangster, Sinasu the Hutt. Summoned to the planet Tatooine, they are given a chance to loosen his grip by flying an unusual smuggling run. First, they must withstand the darkening underworld and the might of the Empire…

    As many of you may have seen, Fantasy Flight Games has recently released the Open Beta Playtest for the forthcoming Star Wars: Edge of the Empire role-playing game. We have the first of the three planned stand-alone sourcebooks for FFG’s vision of the Star Wars universe, and we want to share it with you ASAP. Gamescape is now officially announcing that we’ll be demoing SW:EoE to any who are willing to participate.

    Check out what FFG has to say about the game and how your role-playing experience and suggestions can be added to the final version of the new Star Wars RPG!

    Game #2 – PFS# 2-25: You Only Die Twice (Tier 5-9)
    Pathfinder Society

    4-6 Players
    GM – Joshua Archer

    When a Pathfinder agent working in the famed Blakros Museum in Absalom falls victim to a terrible, ancient evil, it falls to the PCs to hunt down the released terror before it can retrieve a relic of the mad astronomer Ralzeros the Overwatched.

    This product is a Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for 5th to 9th level characters (Tiers: 5–9). Players may build characters according to the Pathfinder Society Play rules. I will have some ready-built characters for those who do not have their own. I will also assist those wishing to create PFS characters via email or on the forum. Find out more about Pathfinder Society here.

    Game #3 – Watchers in the Sky
    Trail of Cthulhu (Gumshoe)

    3-5 Players
    GM – Dale Horstman

    Your friends cannot be trusted, your knowledge means nothing, and everything you hold dear turns to dust.

    Abraham Kale stares out his window on St. Mary Bethlehem Hospital for the mentally ill. His gaze is transfixed across the rain drenched London street to the roof of the building opposite his window. There are at least thirty black avian forms the size of house cats poised on that roof all returning his gaze. They are birds to the casual observer, maybe crows or ravens. To Abraham, they are so much more. In his eyes, he can see the misshapen forms and unnatural gate of these creatures. He watches them constantly and feeds them when he can – primarily out of fear, because he knows they watch him back.

    Trail of Cthulhu is a role-playing game of Lovecratian Horror based on Pelgrane Publishing’s GUMESHOE system and the mythos developed by Chaosium’s Call of Cthulhu game. The system is simple and easy to learn, so new players or veterans of the Chaosium system are welcome, as well as players who may already be familiar with Trail of Cthulhu. Trail of Cthulhu does contain some mature content, and would probably not be appropriate for younger players.

    October GRPA Event: Monday, October 29th 6-11pm

    Please call the store (415.457.8698) or (Email Us) to reserve a spot in any of the above games.