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    December Designer Demo Days

    November 29, 2012

    One of our favorite things about the Bay Area is the massive convocation of game design talent that makes this lovely place its home. While we’re stocking our store with a ton of great items for the holiday season, we’ve also organized a number of events in December at which you can meet the creators of some really awesome products right here at Gamescape. All through the month, we’ll be getting visits from a bunch of local game designers who will have tables set up in the store to show you their wares. You can give something new a try, learn a bit about the design process, or even get a game or two signed. Check out our featured designer visits below and synch up your shopping days with our December Designer Days – and you can bet that we’ll have plenty of all of these in stock just in case you like what you see!

    Pizza Theory Demo with Greg & Brian Powers
    Saturday, December 1st 1-3pm

    A true small-print success story, Greg and Brian’s first game was entirely funded on Kickstarter before coming to retail distribution. Pizza Theory is a great, quick strategy game with a really fun theme: each player is trying to divide a communal pizza into the most advantageous pieces using their favored toppings. It takes a keen eye (and perhaps a growling stomach) as well as being able to think ahead, and Pizza Theory works great with two OR three people. Note: we have not yet tried to play this game with a real pizza. Greg & Brian currently host our Gamescape Designers Guild on Sunday evenings, where there are a bunch more smash-hit games being born.

    Murder of Crows Card Game Demo with Thomas Denmark & Ed Baraf
    Saturday, December 8th 1-3pm

    Thomas is one of those perennial artists who can pretty much do anything well – and does. We’ve loved his amazing fantasy artwork in the pages of D&D and on Magic cards, and Dungeoneer was an old-school blast appropriate for the new-school gamer. With the release of this summer’s Murder of Crows, Thomas has teamed up with veteran video game designer Ed Baraf to create a fast and easy card game with a wonderfully moody atmosphere. Each player is trying to spell out MURDER with their beautiful, Edward Gorey-esque cards. Every letter triggers a different effect that hinders other players who cannot defend their hands and their “Murder”. The winner gets the distinct honor of reading his or her cards aloud – which form a dark and dismal story at the end of the game!

    Brink of Battle Historical Miniatures Demo with Robert Faust
    Sunday, December 9th 12-4pm

    If you’re a toy-soldier aficionado, we’ve also got you covered. One of the most adaptable and easy-to-learn sets of miniatures rules we’ve seen, Strategic Elite’s new release, Brink of Battle, is perfect for folks who don’t want to fuss around with army lists or obsess over overwhelming historical detail. BoB works with any era and scale, and you can use any miniatures that you already own. So no rebasing, and each game only lasts around an hour – great for quick fill-in skirmishes when you don’t have the full day to play. Check out the review in the latest Wargames: Soldiers and Strategy, and then come check out the game in person! We’ll supply all the goods.

     Cirplexed! Demo with Susan McKinley Ross
    Saturday, December 15th 1-3pm

    Susan is basically our super-heroine around these parts. Another year, another beautiful, award-winning game – and we’ve got an exclusive local stock of this year’s hit! Cirplexed! is a great new game of visual perception and beautiful colors, and the big brain behind Idea Duck will be at Gamescape smack-dab in the middle of the month to teach and sign games for her fans and customers. Don’t miss this meet ‘n’ greet, as Susan will also be demoing the travel version of Qwirkle – the best-selling game we’ve ever carried!

    12 Days Card Game Demo with The Gamesmith (Boyan Radakovich)
    Saturday, December 15th 4-7pm

    It’s a warming feeling to see friends make it big in Games, and Boyan is probably the hardest-working friend we have. He’s been toiling to further the way we have fun from just about every angle of the industry, but his true home is creating and producing gorgeous and elegantly-fun games to play. Boyan’s newest venture – dubbed The Gamesmith – debuted with two successful Kickstarted titles this summer. The second of these, created by the legendary James Ernest, is a beautiful Christmas-themed card game called 12 Days, and Boyan will be traveling from LA just to show it off at Gamescape. While you’re visiting with us, don’t forget to ask him about another small project that he currently works on. You might have heard of it.