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    Dropzone Week!

    February 7, 2013


    Dropzone Commander has generated a tremendous amount of buzz for such a new miniatures game. When the models finally hit our shelves, we were quick to grab some and dive in headfirst. Now we want to share with you how awesome it is – so we’ve decided that this coming week shall be from this point forward known as Dropzone Week. From Sunday, February 10th until the following Sunday the 17th, we’ll be hanging around the tables and giving free demonstrations of DZC in the store every day from 1pm until we close. Time to get in while the gettin’s good!

    What’s the buzz about Dropzone Commander? Hawk Wargames has put together a pretty little science-fiction battle game in 10mm — which sounds pretty small, but we’re dealing with aliens, here! It’s designed for small skirmishes or large-scale battles using an alternative action system, and the rules are focused on the concept of rapid deployment and rapid movement, which makes for a rapid fight. Hawk launched the game with a huge array of resin ships and vehicles separated into four factions, and each player chooses whether to take the side of the exiled Humans, who are now living on the edges of their former planetary system, or the conquesting Scourge, who scattered the seeds of humanity to the solar winds. DZC is an awesome game with an awesome story behind it.

    When it’s happening: Sunday to Sunday, February 10-17th • 1pm to closing
    Genre: Sci-Fi Miniatures
    How many planetary invasions does YOUR dropship hold?