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    Torn Asunder

    February 11, 2013

    The empire is in a delicate state. With events in the colonies ending in conflict, the boiling point has ultimately been reached. Members of the Imperial family have been accused of – and found guilty of – treachery and this has led to an uproar amidst the clans. The descendants of the brothers and sisters of heaven no longer find unity in peace. Rather, suspicion and fear has led to shaky alliances and aggressive feuds. The unsteady ground that Rokugan now stands on is about to crumble beneath everyone’s feet, leading to a dark age of infighting and despair. The Legend of the Five Rings has never been deadlier.

    Torn Asunder is the newest set for the L5R CCG and we’re very excited to be hosting a special tournament for the its release. In truest fashion, AEG’s development team has been keeping their finger on the pulse of the community to see what direction this new set should take, and we’re expecting an expansion that elevates every clan to heavenly status. With all-new, deadlier cards, this set should have every battle leading to an explosive conclusion.

    Our Booster Draft Release Tournament of Torn Asunder is scheduled on Friday, February 15th @ 6:00 PM.  The entry fee will be $20, with each player receiving five booster packs for drafting a deck, as well as the new promo card Sadahako’s Artistry and the chance for prize support based on final standings.



    Friday, February 15th 6-10pm
    L5R CCG Torn Asunder Release Tournament
    When the time comes to pick a side, which banner will you fight under?