The Northmen are Coming!


SAGA is a new historical miniatures skirmish game set in the Viking Age of exploration and published by Studio Tomahawk. Highlighting the beautiful figures produced by Gripping Beast, players wage war using a truly unique activation board system that utilizes customized symbol dice which are rolled and placed on the board to determine what actions you can take on a given turn. Gameplay is fast and brutal – as it should be in the age of Harold Godwinson and William the Bastard. Fielded armies are small with a range of 25 to 73 models on the board for a standard 6-point game. SAGA has been catching fire around the Bay Area historical gaming community and if you haven’t played yet, come enjoy a demo with us to see what the game is all about.

Gamescape North will be running demos and casual play of SAGA on Saturday March 9th, from 3-6pm. We will have sample armies you can use or bring your own figures.