Songs of Our Ancestors – Play with the Designer

Coming up on Sunday, March 10th, 11am-2pm we will be hosting demos and casual games of ZombieSmith’s Songs of Our Ancestors with special guest Anthony Brown, painter and rules developer for ZombieSmith.

Songs of Our Ancestors is a great set of skirmish rules taking place in a World War I-esque, dystopian fantasy setting. The Quar are a race of cartoonish, round-bodied, long-nosed creatures that have been at total war for more than a hundred years. Their technology is early-20th century and their fashion is trench-chic. The miniatures, which are available in both 28mm and 15mm, are full of character and crisp of detail, lending themselves to beautiful paint jobs very well. Game play is fast and intuitive with lots of choices for a good tactical feel.



We’ll have starters and other unit boosters for all of the featured armies available for sale on the day of the demo.

Songs of Our Ancestors at Gamescape North
Sunday, March 10th 11am-2pm
Into the breach once again – it is time to end the Long War!