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    Warhammer Fantasy Warlord Campaign

    April 2, 2013


    As winter finally draws to an end, desperation is in the air. Drought came the year before and the longest winter in memory means thousands stand at the doorstep of starvation. In the South, an ancient King awakens and senses the time for conquest is ripe. In the North, the Warlords of Chaos muster to march into the Kingdoms of Man. This spring holds no joy, for this spring is The Season of War.

    Starting Sunday April 7th, the ground of the Old World will shake as armies clash under the leadership of fledgling commanders – recently-commissioned army generals and warlords seeking to obtain new land, treasures, and glory in the name of their Emperor, King, or perhaps just their own selfish desires. We have lovingly modified a set of campaign rules in order to create a fun series of linked Warhammer Fantasy sessions that will occur twice per month in the store. Any player who wishes to join the fray will receive five territory cards. Your goal: obtain a total of ten territories while your General gains experience (or grievous wounds) along the way. Depending on how well your General has fared in battle, both the good or bad results carry over from game to game. The road to being a Warlord is never easy!

    Make sure to check out the full rules and read up if you’re interested in joining in. Note that you don’t have to show up for the first event to be part of the fun. In fact, the campaign rules are set up so that participants can engage in battle anytime they want during the life of the campaign, though games must occur in-store to be counted as part of the proceedings. Feel free to use our forums as a virtual challenging ground. And of course we’ll still be dedicating the tables to the all of the Warlords every other Sunday through the middle of May, when we expect things to wind down – with a clear champion prevailing!

    Warhammer Fantasy Battles Warlord Campaign
    Starting Sunday, April 7th
    That which does not kill you makes you stronger!