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    May the 4th be With You!

    April 27, 2013

    May4th copyMay the 4th is International Star Wars Day, and the crew at Gamescape North has put together a whole slew of Star Wars-related activities to excite and delight even the most novice of Padawan learners. Orbiting this fantastic event is a triad of Fantasy Flight’s newest masterpieces: X-Wing Miniatures, Star Wars Living Card Game, and The Edge of the Empire role-playing game. We’ll have tables full of demos of each and plenty of space for you to bring in your own SW goodies to join in the fun.

    Both the Star Wars LCG and X-Wing Miniatures are being supported by Fantasy Flight’s Game Night Kits, which provide both participation and door prizes, as well as some really cool new additions to the games. Do you have a Star Wars game you’ve been itching to play? Bring it in and test your mettle against other players as you both struggle to bring balance to the Force. Have you been curious about the featured products, but hesitant to make the jump to lightspeed? Gamescape will be hosting demonstrations for each of the games to help introduce new players to the latest wonders of the Star Wars universe!


    The special featured game of the day is a session of the new Star Wars: Edge of the Empire RPG, which will be held 3-7pm. If you’d like to play, please reserve a spot by contacting the store.

    Escape From Mos Shuuta
    Star Wars: Edge of the Empire
    2-4 Players
    GM – Mike O’Brien

    It is a period of unrest and opportunity in the galaxy. The Galactic Empire struggles to maintain control in the midst of civil war. Meanwhile, scoundrels and smugglers, explorers and expatriates, and fringers of all types scramble for a living on the edges of galactic civilization. It is a hard life, but these renegades have more freedom and opportunity that any citizen of the Core Worlds.

    On the desert world of Tatooine, a few such renegades have run afoul of a local crime boss, Teemo the Hutt. Trapped in the tiny spaceport of Mos Shuuta, the renegades have no choice but to steal a starship and flee Teemo’s forces. Fortunately, a suitable starship has recently docked at the landing bay; a freighter called the “Krayt Fang”, captained by a Trandoshan slaver named Trex. As they flee through the suns-baked street, the renegades duck into the local cantina to hide from their pursuers. This is where we find our so-called heroes…


    In addition to the gaming, we encourage (but not require) people to come dressed as your favorite character from any era of the SW saga, and there will definitely be a prize for the best costume. We’ll also be providing some snacks delivered directly from a galaxy far, far away, complete with blue milk to wash it all down – but participants are still welcome to bring their own “bantha bait.”

    And to enhance the atmosphere, we’ll be presenting a triple feature of the original trilogy on our projection screen, starting with the epic Episode IV: A New Hope and running straight through to the thrilling finale of Episode VI: Return of the Jedi – because those are the only films that matter, of course.

    Starting at noon and going late, this International Star Wars Day is set to be chock full of good humor, great company and enough puns to choke a tauntaun. So come and let your inner Jedi show – we promise it’s NOT a trap!

    International Star Wars Day
    Saturday, May 4th, noon ’til late
    It is as if dozens of voices suddenly cried out in FUN!