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    The Summer Starts Now!

    June 16, 2013

    As we move into the summer months, your friendly local game store crew is stuffing the calendar full of great events. Mid-June is host to a couple of fantastic miniatures games, and the details for both are as follows:



    It’s been half a year since we hosted our last X-Wing tournament, and with the third wave of ships on its way, we figured it was long past due for another awesome event. With Fantasy Flight’s Game Night Kit now supporting the tourney, no player will leave empty handed!

    Our next X-Wing miniatures tournament is scheduled for 12-6pm on Saturday, June 22nd. Depending on the number of entries, we’ll set up a number of swiss-paired rounds to determine the overall winner. A $5 entry fee, which will be put towards prize support, will secure each player’s spot in this brilliant game of space combat, sassy droids, and cocksure pilots. Following Fantasy Flight’s tournament guidelines, each player is required to bring a pre-constructed squad list with a 100-point limit in order to play. Will the idealistic Rebel Alliance secure victory through dogged determination and teamwork or will the totalitarian might of the Empire quash the resistance? You (and your pals, most likely) will decide the ultimate outcome!


    In the desolate land of Malifaux, corruption and conflict are everywhere. Now, with the 2nd edition in open beta and set to release in the coming months, Gamescape will be gearing up by hosting a Malifaux Escalation Campaign to give the 1.5 edition a warm send off! Starting Sunday, June 23rd @ Noon and ending in August, players will set their gunsights on the prime locations of Malifaux, struggling to secure power and precious Soulstones. Using a challenge system that allows each player to choose his or her opponent, participants will compete with one another for command of new territories and victory points, earning ‘Guild Script’ with each game.

    With Wyrd’s release of Malifaux Chronicles #5, the game was given rules for a fully-realized Malifaux campaign. Players will construct an initial crew that they will use throughout the duration of the event. As they battle on through successes and failures, each crew will be given the opportunity to purchase new units and upgrades using its accumulated Guild Script. Watch out, however, because each model that is wounded in action must randomly determine which penalties it will suffer during the next encounter. Good stuff sticks, but so does the bad stuff!

    Players are invited to come in and participate on each Malifaux Campaign Day listed on our calendar, but the battle doesn’t stop there. Setting up off-day games is welcome and encouraged whenever you have the time, with deference to our other scheduled events. So bring your crews along and slug it out for superiority! May the best faction reign supreme, and remember – only your soul is on the line.