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    GRPA Featured Game – Grymvaldenn (Beta) RPG

    July 24, 2013

    We have a GRPA Featured Game happening very soon: one of our local game developers, Bert Lechner, will be running a beta test of his fantastic Grymvaldenn role-playing game on Monday, July 29th. If you’d like to experience this new and unique RPG, take a look at the details below and contact us to secure your spot, as they are few and nearly filled!

    What’s GRPA? Find out here!

    GRPA Featured Game
    Monday, July 29th 6-11pm

    “Trouble with Taurids”
    Grymvaldenn (Beta) RPG

    3-6 Players
    GM – Bert Lechner

    Mutants have come up from the woods, seeking to negotiate with the lords of southern Minhold. As servants of one Count Balgri Woodrow, you and your party have been given the “privilege” of journeying deep into the heart of the woods to perform proper negotiations. However, as your party prepares for the journey, you cannot shake off the uneasy feeling that the Count is hiding information from you, information which might explain the squad of highly trained knights and the pair of scholarly vampires joining you in your travels.

    About Grymvaldenn (Beta) RPG:
    Grymvaldenn, currently in Beta, is a roleplaying experience spawned from the mind of a madman (yours truly), an avid gamer who thought it would be a wise decision to forgo the tried and true mechanics developed over the past decades and proceeded to build a game from scratch. The result? A game with deadly, teamwork oriented combat, player created equipment, spells, and abilities, and a faction system which fits your character into the very fabric of a medieval world built upon the ruins of a futuristic civilization, populated with steam punk vampires and science-fictionalized perversions of every fantasy creature you’ve ever known or loved. Because the game is still in development, some elements of gameplay may be unbalanced, incomplete, or simply made up on the fly, and any suggestions or comments will be seriously considered.

    July GRPA Featured Game: Monday, July 29th 6-11pm
    Please call the store (415.457.8698) or (Email Us) to reserve a spot in the above game.