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    A Time of War in Future Earth…

    August 1, 2013


    It’s time for an Infinity Tournament! Suit up and throw down in a dark future world filled with amazing technology and deadly skill. Players will need to provide their own 300-pt armies to compete in the tournament and should have a legal, legible army list with them at registration. $10 entry fee gets you into the action, and there will most certainly be prizes for the big winners based on the number of attendees. Check in on our forum with any questions; otherwise we’ll see you at the event – it’s going to be a blast!

    Mission Parameters: Single 300 point list

    Spec Ops: 12 Experience Points to spend on a Spec Ops Trooper
    (Campaign: Paradiso – p. 172)

    Roll Call: 10:30am registration. The 1st round begins at 11am sharp!

    Scenarios: Taken from the official ITS Scenarios on the Infinity website.

    Note: many of the scenarios require the use of Specialist Troops, ie. Hackers, Engineers, Forward Observers, Lieutenants, and figures with the Chain of Command special skill.

    Saturday, August 10th 11am-6pm
    Infinity I.T.S. Tournament
    The best sci-fi skirmish game ever!