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    Confrontation 3+ Tournament

    August 24, 2013


    The Rag’narok – the end of days – came as fortold. Battles raged and the peoples of Aarklash fought on behalf of their gods, but no end ever came. The gods fight on and where there are people to take up their cause they also fight. Only one god can be the victor. Only one will rule the world and bring about the rebirth. It falls to you to fight on for your God though you shall not see the world renewed…

    Many cried when Rackham died, but their flagship miniatures game, Confrontation, has recently been dug up with rumors of an awesome new edition on the horizon. We’ll be hosting a Confrontation 3.5 tournament at the store on Saturday, September 7th, 10am-6pm. The event will run three rounds using the newest Confrontation rules, modified by the UKCORD tournament rules. Grab 400 points worth of your favorite faction (and their allies, if you like) and spend the day playing one of the best skirmish games to ever hit the table.


    Confrontation 3.5 Tournament
    Saturday, September 7th, 10am-6pm
    War breaks out in Aarklash once again!