GRPA Featured Series – Dungeon World RPG

A unique opportunity is available to our GRPA community in the month of September as one of our best and most diverse community members, Yoshi Creelman, will be offering a month-long series of GRPA games utilizing the new Dungeon World RPG system. Each game will offer a unique, stand-alone experience as the system utilizes the input of the group of players to create the characters, story and context for each individual session. See below for more information on the game and how to contact the store in order to secure your spot in any one or all of the dates available.

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GRPA Featured Series
September Mondays: 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th from 6-11pm

Dungeon World RPG
3-6 Players
GM – Yoshi Creelman

The sun is high and blazing. “Halt!” comes the cry in front of you. The scent of dust, horse and something you can’t quite place wafts over you, as you raise your head you see the group bandits surrounding the caravan. Gregor, the merchant who hired you, is visibly shaken and staring directly at you. The bandit follows his gaze, looks you up and down. “Surrender the cart and the horses, and we will let you leave, unharmed. Resist…”, unsheathing his sword, “…well let’s just say it’ll be better…”, a sadistic smile blossoms, “for you, if you don’t resist.” What do you do?

About Dungeon World RPG:
Dungeon world is rules-light game of high fantasy. Actions are cinematic and meaningful. The triumphs AND failures push the story forward. Collectively we will weave an epic tale, adventurers worthy of the title, and fantastic world full of magic, monsters and mayhem. No experience is necessary, just the spirit of adventure.

September GRPA Featured Series: Mondays from 6-11pm
Please call the store (415.457.8698) or (Email Us) to reserve a spot in the above game.