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    L5R CCG Gates of Chaos Booster Draft

    September 29, 2013

    The enemy of the Colonies stands revealed. The mad dragon P’an Ku, a fundamental force of madness and destruction, has manipulated the Great Clans for its own unfathomable purposes. Madness, war, and disgrace have been the results. With P’an Ku’s machinations exposed, the samurai of the Colonies must now try to overcome their own animosities and find a means to defeat the influence of a divine enemy, or else all may be lost forever.

    Gates of Chaos is the newest set for the L5R CCG and we’re very excited to be hosting a draft for this expansion that is part of both the Emperor and Ivory Arc.

    Our Booster Draft Tournament of Gates of Chaos is scheduled on Friday, October 4th @ 7:00 PM.  The entry fee will be $20, with each player receiving six booster packs for drafting a deck.

    As an added incentive, we will be extending a 30% discount on all Emperor Edition Boosters and Decks to those players who participate in the event. Sorry, but this DOES NOT include Gates of Chaos or Coils of Madness Boosters – nice try though…



    Friday, October 4th 7-10:30pm
    L5R CCG Gates of Chaos Draft Tournament
    When the time comes to pick a side, which banner will you fight under?