L5R CCG Aftermath Pre-Release Draft

In the wake of P’an Ku’s banishment from the mortal realm and the routing of the Fudo cult, it seems that the Great Clans may at last bring a modicum of peace to the Colonies. After generations of ceaseless, devastating war, the Colonies will return to the nigh-endless producer of resources, a replenishment that the Empire desperately needs.

Despite their efforts, however, the conflicts have not resolved themselves as neatly as many would wish. The head of the Fudo cult, a monk of great wisdom, power, and danger, is still on the loose in the Colonies, and the Great Clans are desperate to end the threat he represents.

The clan that claims the most victories in this event will be the clan whose representative of the Brotherhood of Shinsei finally locates and confronts the head of the Fudo cult and brings him to justice, although the nature of justice may vary depending upon the clan that claims victory.

Aftermath is the newest set for the L5R CCG and we’re very excited to be hosting a special tournament for the release of this expansion that is part of both the Emperor and Ivory Arc.

Our Booster Draft Pre-Release Tournament of Aftermath is scheduled on Friday, November 22nd @ 7:00 PM. The entry fee will be $15, with each player receiving five booster packs for drafting a deck and other promotional swag.



Friday, November 22nd 7-10:30pm
L5R CCG Aftermath Pre-Release Tournament
When the time comes to pick a side, which banner will you fight under?