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    Love is in the Air…

    February 11, 2014


    This Thursday evening at our Board Game Night, we’ll be holding a special Valentine’s Day-themed special event for fun and prizes: a tournament for Love Letter, the delightful and snappy card game that we picked as one of the best of 2013, and you’re invited to play. We’ll be dividing up players into evenly-numbered pods and each one will play to a winner before tallying and reporting the scores at the end of each game. The number of rounds will be determined by how many people participate. We expect the tournament to last about two hours.

    Entry is $5, with the chance to win some great prizes from Gamescape and AEG:

    • First place winner gets a free copy of the L5R edition of Love Letter.

    • Second place winner nabs a set of chocolate RPG dice.

    • PLUS: after we send in some pictures of our tournament to AEG, we’ll be eligible to win a huge package of AEG product – which we’ll of course pass on to our players!

    And for some extra (and delicious) fun, we’ll be using Hershey’s Kisses as point markers. Refrain from consuming your points before they’re tallied!

    We have a couple of copies of Love Letter in the store for use, but each pod will need one to participate. So if you have your own copy, please do bring it in just in case.


    Thursday, February 13th 7-9pm
    St. Valentine’s Love Letter Tournament
    You and Gamescape, sittin’ in a tree…