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    It Begins Again…

    February 14, 2014

    Beginning on Saturday, February 22nd, the NorCal Flames of War Tournament Series is entering its fourth year – and we are excited for what lies ahead! Capitalizing on the fantastic experiences of gameplay and camaraderie over the course of 2013, as well as the maturation of our group into a well developed machine, the entire NorCal community will be offering a series of events for Flames of War and other miniature game systems throughout 2014. With seasoned players stepping up as tournament organizers, we look forward to some new and unique tournament experiences that add to the prestige of the NorCal community. So keep your eyes posted on the NorCal FoW website and forums for a complete listing of all event details and community discussion about them.

    The first tournament of the 2014 series will be held at Gamescape North this coming Saturday, February 22nd. The NorCal Forum has all the details of the rules and current roster of generals for this event. Though the roster of 24 players is already full, we are always taking alternates in the case that one of the players is unable to attend. So send in your lists, and we will get you in if we can.

    We’re going to have a blast to ring in the 2014 NorCal Tournament Series!

    Saturday, February 22nd 9:30am-8:30pm
    NorCal Flames of War 2014 February Tournament
    “A Day of Battle” Late War Themed Event
    Alternate players list submissions are due by Feb. 20th