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    Month Six of the Dominion War

    March 23, 2014

    Star Trek: Attack Wing

    This Wednesday marks Month Six of our Star Trek: Attack Wing Dominion War Campaign. Download the special rules and scenario info here and get ready to battle for control of Deep Space Nine!

    The devastating loss at Cardassia Prime has forced the Dominion to surrender or fight to the last ship. After lengthy negotiations, the Dominion leaders decided that surrender was the only option. The war is over and the last of the Dominion fleet is to be pushed back to the Gamma Quadrant.

    Prior to the surrender, however, a small splinter group of the Dominion fleet attempts a last attack on DS9 in an effort to reclaim the station and regain control of the Wormhole. And with most of the Federation Alliances’ fleet in Cardassian Space, little is left to stand against them.

    Wednesday, March 26th 6-10pm
    Star Trek: Attack Wing Dominion War Month Six Tournament