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    WH40K Beginner’s League

    April 6, 2014


    In the grim darkness of the future, they say, there is only war – and Gamescape North needs fresh soldiers to fight the battles in the 41st Millennium. The regiments of Warhammer 40K players at the store are looking for new recruits to join their ranks!

    To train up and test the mettle of green recruits, we’ve instituted a GSN Warhammer 40K Beginners League. Within this group made especially for aspiring commanders, we’ll teach you how to make strong decisions in tabletop combat, how to efficiently assemble your troops for battle, and what it takes to make them visually stand out (or be carefully hidden) in the field fire – all important things that every good troop leader should know like the back of his bolter gun.

    Join us on Saturday, April 19th 2-5pm to begin your training, and continue every two weeks along the path to becoming a masterful general in the world of Warhammer 40,000. Our instructors will first give you a 30-minute demonstration experience of the most popular sci-fi tabletop miniatures game out there, after which you will be handed your first trooper and the start of your own army. We will then lead you on a brief course that focuses on constructing and painting your own force of models to field in the game, starting with small 200-point Kill Teams and then escalating to a solid 750-point force, with incentives along the way to award your craftsmanship and dedication to the game.

    The introductory recruitment session and bi-weekly meetings are all free to attend. Paints and tools will be provided, and no experience whatsoever is necessary to join in the League. The only thing you absolutely must bring is your allegiance to (or against) the Emperor! 

    Are you ready for command?

    Warhammer 40,000 Beginners League
    Saturday, April 19th 2pm-5pm and every Two Weeks Thereafter