Springtime Mega-Sale!


April 12-27th 2014

10-25% off Everything in the Store!
50% off Dragon’s Hoard Table!
Hidden Dragon’s Eggs that Ring-up for Free!
Follow the Egg Hunt on our Adventure Tracker!

Recently, the store’s resident dragon spied the Easter Bunny preparing for springtime with many colorful eggs and abundant amounts of chocolate. Not wanting to be outdone by a sniveling rodent, the Gamescape Dragon has donned a set of ears and has hidden her own eggs amongst the product in the store, challenging any who would dare to hunt them out. But the Gamescape Dragon does not make simple round eggs colored in pastels and glitter (what did you expect?!). Instead, her eggs are disguised as games to lure in unwary hunters (and customers) of all kinds!

During the Gamescape Dragon’s Egg Hunt, which spans April 12-27th, there will be multiple items placed amongst all sections in the store that will ring up as $0 when you bring them to the register! But these are very limited – only one of each selected title will receive the reward. Brave hunters that have found these “Easter Eggs” will be tracked on our Dragon’s Egg Hunt Progress Poster at the counter. Will you be able to count yourself amongst the company of such great Egg Hunters? We wish you all the best of luck!

In addition to the Dragon’s Egg Hunt, Gamescape will also be doing a bit of spring cleaning with a Storewide Mega-Sale where everything within our walls has some kind of discount attached to it, ranging from 10% to 25% off displayed prices. In addition, we’ll have a special Dragon’s Hoard Table of items at 50% off! While you’re hunting for the eggs, we hope that you’re also able to find some other enticing items during a very special Gamescape sale that’s as rare as dragons themselves…