SAGA Tournament @ Kublacon


Gamescape North proudly presents a new addition to the NorCal gaming line-up at this year’s KublaCon! This year, on Saturday, May 24th, we’ll be running SAGA, a game of Dark Age skirmishes, in a battle royale tournament literally destined for the history books. Come prepared with a legal 6-point army from the core SAGA rulebook or any of the official published supplements: Northern Fury, The Raven’s Shadow, and Varjazi & Basileus. We will also accept the three official expansion armies: Skraelings, Steppe Tribes, and Conquest Arabs. You may use Heroes of the Viking Age to bring characters as well. This will be a 3-round tournament with scenarios taken from the core SAGA rulebook. Prizes supplied by Gripping Beast, 4Ground, and Gamescape North.

Please show up for registration starting at 10am. The first round will begin promptly at 11am. Your 6-point army lists should be submitted prior to the event for verification, with a cutoff date of May 22nd. Walk-ins will be welcomed at registration, but beaten firmly with the prow of a longship.

Please submit lists to us before midnight on Thursday, May 22nd. Questions may be directed to the same address.

Event Schedule

10-11am – Registration
11am-1pm – Round 1
1:30-3:30pm – Round 2
4-6pm – Round 3
6:15pm – Awards Ceremony


SAGA Dark Ages Skirmish Tournament
@KublaCon 2014
Saturday, May 24th 10am-6:30pm
Better to die with honor than live with shame!