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    Free RPG Day 2014

    June 6, 2014


    The schedule is here! For the eighth year running, summer heralds one of our favorite days of the year: Free RPG Day. If you’ve ever been a part of our GRPA gaming events, you have a good idea of what Free RPG Day will be like. The list of games we’re hosting is below, and all you have to do is sign up. No previous experience is necessary, so it’s a great chance to try out a system you’ve been eyeing for a while. Once you’ve got a confirmed spot, show up on June 21st, take home some of the free product, and have a blast with the other gamers who will be here!

    The list of sponsors this year is impressive, including Catalyst Game Labs, Pelgrane Press, Troll Lord Games, White Wolf Publishing, Paizo, and a bunch more. Each of these publishers has created a special gaming book or item for the event, and they’re all free for you to enjoy.

    Lastly, we’re going to have a ton of great prizes to hand out in a FREE raffle open to all those who participate in the event. Make sure to get your ticket from your GM before things get going. Trust us: you won’t be sorry you did.

    Below is the official lineup of role-playing games scheduled for this year’s Free RPG Day on Saturday, June 21st. Have a look below, and if you’d like to join us for any of these sessions, please select a game in which you’d like to participate and either call or write us back with your name and selection. All games are free and will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis, and you’ll be responded to immediately with your status in the game.

    Free RPG Day 2014 – Saturday, June 21st 11-6pm

    Game #1 – Project: Bryce
    Atomic Robo – FATE

    3-5 Players
    GM – Dale Horstman

    It’s 1963 deep in the cold war and Tesladyne’s top secret skunkworks in Oregon “Cascadia” has gone dark…

    Jerry Arnold PhD. (Aerospace Engineer) and Fiona Toepperweins PhD. (Nuclear Engineer) had the audacity to think that they could develop a super fast surgical strike missile system that could shoot ICBMs down in the upper atmosphere and render them harmless. Labelled the Bryce Project (after famous quick draw cop D.A. Bryce) – they were set up in Tesladyne’s deep underground Cascadia facility which boasts an enormous mile long testing hanger with reinforced concrete walls 20 feet thick. They were scheduled to begin small scale development and testing a week ago, but the project has been running behind schedule.

    The Cascadia facility is otherwise empty of any major projects, except an alternative food source experiment by Gunther “Spelunk–King” Roetscher, famous cave explorer and  Mycologist (Mushroom Scientist).

    Now the facility has missed its daily morning check in. All attempts to raise them on all communication formats (even the hard wire Tesladyne systems protocol) has been unsuccessful. The blackout countdown stands at 7 hours and 17 minutes.

    Tesladyne Team 1 is on approach to the small airfield a few miles away from the hidden facility…wheels down in 10!

    About Atomic Robo – FATE:
    Are you ready for some two-fisted science adventure? Then it’s time for the Atomic Robo RPG! Have you ever wanted to face down global conspiracy as an immortal atomic robot or Carl Sagan? The Atomic Robo RPG makes it possible.

    The Atomic Robo RPG brings you the most explosive Fate Core system experience yet. This is action science like you’ve never seen it before, coming straight at you from the pages of the popular Atomic Robo comics by Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener. Play as an action scientist or immortal robot, super-spy or pulp adventurer—or something stranger still from the hidden corners of super-science!

    This is multi-era, pick-up-and-play gaming at its best: get playing in ten minutes, or take your time and make the most of behind-the-scenes rules for added depth. Hop into your Tesladyne jet and travel the globe in one time period, or battle across the decades as a cast of scientifically talented adventurers. Face down demented dinosaurs, rogue government agents, and stolen Tesla-powered technologies!

    Are you action scientist material? Grab your gear and get ready for full-contact, high-octane, explosive hypothesis testing!

    Remain Calm. Trust in Science. The Atomic Robo RPG is here!


    Game #2 – Risen From the Sands
    3-6 Players
    GM – Mike Lee

    In the depths of the Osirian desert, a sandstorm has recently uncovered a mighty pyramid that was buried beneath the sand for ages. Lost for centuries, the pyramid has not yet revealed its secrets, but one crumbling papyrus scroll found in the Great Library of Tephu contains references to the tomb of an ancient Osirian king known only as the Pharaoh of Sphinxes. Word of the pyramid’s discovery has spread far and fast. Archaeologists, explorers, and tomb robbers from across the Inner Sea are gathering in Osirion’s taverns and inns to plan expeditions into the desert, each vying to be the first to plunder the tomb’s treasures.

    About: Risen from the Sands
    Risen from the Sands is a dungeon-based adventure for four 3rd-level characters in addition to providing four immediately playable preview characters utilizing some of the new classes debuting in the upcoming Pathfinder Advanced Class Guide.


    Game #3 – Mystery of Loch Varn
    Shadows of Esteren
    2-6 Players
    GM – Andre Sisneros

    Can you solve the mystery of Loch Varn? Ancient ruins, vengeful ghosts, and a clash of cultures, but the greatest challenge is trusting your own mind. Get ready for a roller coaster ride.

    About Shadows of Esteren:
    Shadows of Esteren is a medieval RPG with dark gothic, and horrific overtones. Drawing inspiration from Celtic myth, this universe has a discreetly fantastic side under a bleak, realistic surface. High fantasy this is not! If you like gritty settings with strong psychological elements you will enjoy this game.


    Game #4 – A Deadly Encounter
    Dungeon World
    2-4 Players
    GM – Yoshi Creelman

    It’s hot… but luckily the faint breeze is keeping the stench of the caravan down wind. Then you hear the high pitch whistle of the alarm… You quiet down and listen. Everything is still, you are about to start back up when another sound comes, the cry of, “Orcs!”

    What do you do?

    About Dungeon World:
    Combining high-action dungeon crawling with cutting-edge rules, Dungeon World is a roleplaying game of fantasy adventure. You and your friends will explore a land of magic and danger in the roles of adventurers searching for fame, gold, and glory. Dungeon World’s rules are easy to learn and always drive the action forward in unexpected ways.  A missed roll is never a dead end—failure introduces new complexities and complications.  Life as an adventurer is hard and dangerous but it’s never boring!


    Game #5 – Bandits in the Sheriff’s Wood
    1-4 Players
    GM – Nick Lundback

    The Sheriff’s tax collectors squeeze the last penny from every village and hamlet. Those that protest are dragged into the dungeons by his mailed men-at-arms. But under the eaves of the so-called Sheriff’s Wood, the tables are turned and it is the Sheriff’s men who walk in fear for the bandits there are free men who defy the tyrant and his unjust laws.

    The common folk for miles around look to them as heroes and gleefully whisper the latest tales of how they made a fool of the hated Sheriff. But are the bandits truly rebels defying the tyranny of an unjust lord, or common criminals hiding from justice and greedy for loot? Sure, they’re robbing from the rich, but are they remembering to give to the poor?

    About Kingdom:
    Kingdom is a no prep, GM-less system developed by Ben Robbins as a follow up to his extremely unique system Microscope. When you play Kingdom, you’ll sit down and make a community together then strive to make it live up to your ideals… or watch as it burns. Your Kingdom can be any group or organization that interests you. As you play, you’ll confront your Kingdom with crossroads, critical decisions that may change your Kingdom forever. What will your Kingdom do? What will it become?

    The Kingdom is in your hands. The question is: will you change the Kingdom or will the Kingdom change you?


    Free RPG Day 2014: Saturday, June 21st 11-6pm
    Please call the store (415.457.8698) or (Email Us) to reserve a spot in any of the above games.