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    WHFB “Battle of More Than Five Armies”

    July 31, 2014


    How do you counter a massive army of destruction forged by your enemies?
    You gather the forces of all available allies and muster one of your own!

    On Sunday, August 10th from 10am-6pm, Gamescape North will be hosting a One-Day Warhammer Fantasy “Battle of More than Five Armies” Campaignament. Each player will field a 2500pt force and join their allies to battle the other factions across multiple linked boards of combat and mayhem. You must work with your allied generals, discuss strategy, and possibly lend your troops to their command in order to vanquish the combined arms of your foes. Which side will prevail in this apocalyptic contest of arms?

    If you are interested in playing, please pre-register by contacting the store with your name and chosen faction and make sure to submit your army list for verification to Nick by Friday, August 8th. You may not field any named characters and you may not field any units outside of your standard Warhammer Armies Rulebook.

    WHFB “Battle of More than Five Armies” One-Day Campaignament
    Sunday, August 10th, 10am-6pm
    Let no enemies survive the day!