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    Gamescape Comes of Age!

    October 28, 2014

    GSN20 Logo
    Can you believe it? This coming weekend, we’ll be celebrating our 20th birthday! That’s TWO DECADES of fun on Fourth Street in San Rafael: twenty fun years of hosting games and events, twenty thankful years of serving the North Bay gaming community, and twenty super-proud years of being your FLGS. We think that’s quite a mark, and it puts us in a partying kind of mood – so that’s just what we’re going to do!

    On Saturday, November 1st 1994, Gamescape opened its doors here in San Rafael. We were the third of three Bay Area game stores owned by our grand-daddy, Bob Hamilton, who really is a local treasure of the industry. Bob set up the very first FLGS in San Francisco back in the 70s, and GSN is a direct descendant of that store. We’ve been independently-owned since 2006 with staff who are incredibly passionate about what we do, and like you, gaming is in our blood.

    To properly celebrate such a momentous milestone, we’ve got a great line-up of happenings and goings-on through the big anniversary weekend!

    Friday, October 31st

    • Halloween Gaming Party – 6pm ’til late

    We’re keeping the store open late on Halloween night for games of all kinds, and we hope you’ll come dressed in your favorite Halloween regalia and enjoy an evening of fun with us! We’ll provide the requisite sugar rush and we welcome you to bring any other snacks or drinks that you would love to share with the other creepy Gamescape gamers through the evening. Between ghouls and goblins, witches and warlocks, and those pesky, rotting zombies, we hope you’ll help us spirit away the night and enjoy a frightful celebration to usher in the holiday season!

    Saturday, November 1st

    • MTG Grand Prix Trial Tournament – 12-6pm

    We’ll be kicking off the day’s festivities with a Modern Constructed Tournament as the Trial for January’s Omaha Grand Prix! The competition will be tough and the rewards will be grand, because the winner of our event gets a two-round bye at the Omaha Grand Prix on January 10-11, 2015. So dig out your best deck and get ready to play against the top players in the area!

    • Anniversary Board Game & Karaoke Party – 6pm ’til late

    This is the Big Kahuna of board game bashes! We’re going long into the night on every table we can muster – a perfect way to celebrate twenty years of gaming with the best community we could hope for. Dig through our library of demos or bring a stack of your own and teach a session or two. Bring along some food or raid our snack case to keep the blood flowing as you roll, draw, and strategize the night away with us. Step away from the table and get your song on with our karaoke machine, or just sit there and listen to Andre rock some Chris Isaak. There’s no ending time posted because at twenty years old, WE DON’T NEED TO SLEEP.

    • Grand Birthday Raffle – 9pm

    For added smiles, we’re going to be holding a raffle in the middle of our party. Why? Because raffles are totally fun and we’ve got a box of great stuff to hand off to some lucky winners. Make sure you stop by and grab some tickets.

    Sunday, November 2nd

    • Malifaux Spooky Campaign Day – 2-6pm

    Halloween doesn’t end until we say it does! Come test your strength against The Pumpkin King in a scary Malifaux scenario called The Night of the Carver. We’ll have three boards set up with special miniatures and scenarios for folks to play with, featuring the Evil Lord of Halloween, himself. This is also a great chance to learn the game for the very first time if you’ve not had a chance to try it out. Special kudos to people who show up in formal attire from ANY time period.

    • Open Gaming Party – 2-8pm

    There’s no way you’re worn out already, so you might as well make a weekend out of it. Just to make sure everyone got as much gaming in as they can handle (and had a chance to stop by and blow out a candle or twenty), we’ll be spinning down our weekend with MOAR GAMES through the day and into the evening. Doesn’t matter what it is – miniatures, board games, RPGs, cards, JUST BRING IT.

    Titanic Birthday Blowout Sale

    As if all these great activities weren’t enough! We’re going to do something particularly crazy for this very special occasion. While the doors are open on Saturday and Sunday, we’re offering all of our customers 20% off just about everything in the store. That’s 1% for every year we’ve been alive. You already know we rarely have sales, but this is an extra-huge way for us all to celebrate and come away from the weekend with lots of smiles – and maybe some new loot!

    Gamescape North’s 20th Anniversary Party Weekend
    Friday, Oct 31st thru Sunday, Nov 2nd
    Funny, we don’t feel a day under 20…