Bargain Basement Bazaar

Thanks to our annual Bargain Basement Bash sale events, there’s a lot more room in the Gamescape Dungeon for…other things. This year, the thought occurred to us that it might be fun to morph BBB into something a bit more inclusive. So on Saturday, November 15th 12-5pm, we’ll be holding the first customer-focused flea market the store has ever hosted. We’re calling it Bargain Basement Bazaar, and it’s a great chance for you to offload some of your own tarnished treasures to an eager community of intrepid game-hoarders. Here’s how it’s going to work:

If you have a closet full of old loot that you’d like to transmogrify into new gaming product, you can rent a table at this year’s Bazaar. The cost is $10 per 5’x2′ table, and you can grab more than one. You’re welcome to sell pretty much any analog gaming product that you want (within reason – no offloading a stack of shrink-wrapped Kickstarter games or inventory from your failed online enterprise!). By participating in the Bazaar, you tacitly agree to use our system for transactions: we’ll give you Bazaar Tickets for the event on which to record your sales, and these will be transferable at the counter as credit for any new product in the store at full value. We ask that sellers refrain from trading between themselves, and that no cash transactions are made in the store. The idea here is that you get a place to hold a flea market with a ready-made clientele drooling over your discarded treasure!

This year’s special feature is a great, explosive purge of Gamescape’s old gaming terrain! We’ll also be setting up a table with lots of stuff that we no longer use, and it’s fair game for anyone looking to beef up their own battlefields with crumbly buildings, rustic farmsteads, cratered streets, and arcane forests. Prices will be set low so many bountiful battle boards can be built on a budget. Bitchin!

Contact us ASAP if you’d like to rent a table or three, and we’ll make sure to slot you in and reserve your selling space. Tables will undoubtedly go fast, so jump on it early!


GSN First Annual Bargain Basement Bazaar
Saturday, November 15th  12-5pm
How bizarre is your Bazaar?