D&D Attack Wing Organized Play

Dungeons & Dragons Attack Wing is a game of combat between mighty dragons in the skies with the support of fierce warriors and powerful wizards clashing on the battlefields below. Using the FlightPath maneuver system made popular with Star Wars X-Wing and Star Trek Attack Wing, you must command your forces tactically to bring them into position and unleash fury upon enemy dragons and support. Land your arcane creatures on the battlefield to help with an assault and then take off again to fly over your enemy, but beware of the breath weapons of your opponent’s dragons! Build your armies by selecting your forces and then customizing them with powerful spells and abilities. Only one side can walk – or fly – away from the battlefield victorious!

Gamescape is excited to announce our participation in the D&D Attack Wing Tyranny of Dragons campaign, which is the first six months of Organized Play supported by WizKids. The first event will happen on Wednesday, December 10th at 6pm, and will continue through May 2015. Each month will bring a new tournament with new prizes to be claimed by the victors. And at the end of the campaign, the overall winner will take home the grand prize, a colossal Tiamat figure that is absolutely awesome to behold!


The first month’s prize is a Large White Dragon, and will be given out to the winner of the event on Dec. 10th. Come prepared to play with a 120-point force and all of your supplies from the Starter Box. You can find all the rules and details for the tournament at the WizKids website, and you can feel free sign up for the event using their OP system.

In the meantime if you’d like a demo of D&D Attack Wing or even if you just want to check out the figures, stop by the store and we’ll let you get your hands on some dragons!

Dungeons & Dragons Attack Wing Tyranny of Dragons Month One OP
Wednesday, December 10th 6-10pm
The skies are raining fire!