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    3rd Annual Bargain Basement Bash

    April 19, 2015

    For more than twenty years, a dark void has lingered in the lower dungeons of GSN, attracting glittering hordes of old stock and strangely arcane gaming items from all edges of the map. It is a golden trove of wonder, and very few brave souls have ever laid eyes upon it and survived to tell the tale. Once per year we open the portal and bring forth whatever the dungeon has to offer. The time has come again to carry these mystical treasures into the light of day. These are the lost items; the ones that never got a second chance. These are the lost souls that were relegated to the deepest dungeon. Now it is their time to be free…

    Riding on the success of the previous Bargain Basement events, we’re clearing out a whole mess of accumulated product from the Gamescape basement stores. Even WE don’t know everything that’s down there, but on Saturday and Sunday, May 2nd & 3rd, we’re hauling it all up and putting it out for our customers to dig through. This is your chance to delve into our forbidden horde of past products, old demos, dinged boxes, and heavy overstock from years past. There are scores of board games, miniatures and bits, and role-playing books galore. And all of it will be on sale, at extremely cheap prices.

    We’ve got so much stuff that it’ll take two entire days to even dig through it all, so we’re dedicating the entire weekend to clearing it out. We want your help! All day, both Saturday and Sunday during regular opening hours, we’ll have our back tables filled with goodies. For mere pocket change, you can dig into the venerable stock of the store – perhaps you’ll find something legendary!

    3rd Annual GSN Bargain Basement Bash
    Saturday, May 2nd @ 10am-7pm
    Sunday, May 3rd @ 11am-6pm
    Feast your eyes on our forgotten stores!