Blood Bowl Tournament

The fate of the world, be it damnation or salvation, will soon be decided. But before that happens it is time to play! For one day only, war is set aside for the glory of competition. This is the world of Blood Bowl!

Only one sporting event can draw together the Elves of Athel Loren, the Humans of the Empire, the Orcs of the Green Horde, and all the other races of the Warhammer Old World. On Sunday, April 26th @12-6pm, Gamescape North will be hosting our first Blood Bowl Tournament in quite a while. Want to play in the greatest of all Fantasy Football Leagues? We’ll be running three games at two hours each, and interested coaches should bring a team worth 1.2 million GP. Entry is free!

There will be some starting skill advancements, and re-rolls will cost double after the fourth time. Unpainted teams will give your fully-painted opposition a +5 Fan Factor, so get those teams uniformed and ready! No prizes are being awarded in this casual tourney, other than bragging rights (until the next game) and the favor of Tzeentch, whom we hear is a BIG Bloodbowl fan…


Blood Bowl Fantasy Football Tournament
Sunday, April 26th, 12pm-6pm
Crush your enemies, see them driven before you,
and hear the roar of your adoring fans!