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    Late-Summer Magic

    July 30, 2015

    Starting in August, Gamescape North will be offering a double scoop of Magic at our regular FNM events! We’ll be concurrently running two tournaments – one booster draft and one constructed event – every Friday this month.

    The schedule is thus: Modern tournaments on August 7th and 14th, Legacy on the 21st, and Standard on the 28th. Add in a Magic: Origins Game Day on August 8th and it’s going to be a summer month full of great MTG events! (Check out our calendar for all the details.) So whether you’re a seasoned wizard with multiple decks in your arsenal, or you’re just ready to take the next step in your Magic career and start digging into Constructed, August is most certainly for you. And if booster drafts are your true love, well, you can expect one every Friday.

    No matter the event, make sure to show up well before 6pm to register and grab a seat. Feel free to call ahead or reserve a spot over the phone. New players are always welcome, and you can learn about or brush up on all the format types here. Now that’s a great start to the weekend!

    Magic: The Gathering in August @ GSN
    Two Tourneys every Friday. Awwww, yeah.