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    Splendor Board Game Tournament

    August 17, 2015


    On Thursday, August 27th 7-10pm we’ll be taking advantage of Asmodee’s new AsmOPlay program by hosting a friendly tournament for the amazing board game Splendor. Players will be divided up into game groups and each group will play to a winner before tallying and reporting the scores at the end of each game. The number of rounds will be determined by how many people participate. We expect the tournament to last about three hours, depending on the sign-ups.

    Entry is $10, with the chance to win some great prizes:

    • First place winner gets a complete play set: a new copy of Splendor, a full set of special edition translucent chips, and a Splendor play mat.

    • Second place winner nabs a full set of the special edition translucent chips.

    • Third place winner gets a set of the chips without the special edition gold chips.

    • Fourth place winner gets a Splendor play mat.

    All participating players will get a set of four new Patron tiles to add to their copies of the game, and we’ll also be handing out a special door-prize at random!

    Sign-ups will be taken on a first-come/first-served basis, so let us know ASAP if you’re interested in joining in the fun. You can contact us by phone, email, or stop by the store to secure a spot in person.

    We have a couple of copies of Splendor in the store for use, but we might need some more copies depending on the number of players. If you have your own copy and are willing to use it at the event, please do bring it along in just in case!

    Thursday, August 27th 7-10pm
    Splendor Board Game Tournament
    Let the chips fall where they may!