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    Star Wars Armada Practice Day

    September 12, 2015

    Following on the success of Star Wars: X-Wing, Fantasy Flight’s new fleet-based combat game Star Wars: Armada takes the fight up in scale. Now you’re in control of mighty capital ships as they maneuver and bring their gargantuan arsenals to bear on amassed fleets of foes in deep space.

    Instead of planning your moves in secret for the following turn, each ship has special orders that get placed up to three turns in advance. It takes time for these behemoths to respond to the helm’s orders! Meanwhile, squadrons of small fighters engage from all sides in an attempt to pull fire away from the command ships which they protect. Armada really captures the feel of what large-scale space encounters might be like, and we think it’s awesome.

    To get ready for the Massing At Sullust event, we’ll be holding a practice and training day for keen pilots. If you already know how to play and have a list to try out, bring it along. If you’re still in need of some training, we’ll have a base set and several expansions out for teaching and playing a few rounds. Drop by on Saturday 12-5pm and join in the fun. It’s only the galaxy at stake…

    You are in command now, Admiral. 


    Saturday, September 12th 12-5pm
    Star Wars: Armada Tactical Fleet Combat
    Obi-Wan has taught you well. Now it’s our turn!