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    Star War Imperial Assault Demo

    October 9, 2015


    Following on the success of Star Wars: X-Wing, Fantasy Flight’s new tactical miniatures combat game Star Wars: Imperial Assault takes the fight down to the ground. Take charge of daring Rebel Alliance missions deep into Imperial territory, or command the mighty forces of the Empire to stop the rebels. The choice is yours.

    This game uses on the mechanics introduced in Descent and built upon in Mansions of Madness in order to bring you an action-packed skirmish game set in the Star Wars universe. As in the previous games, you can play in scenario mode where multiple players take on the roles of rebel operatives while the Empire player uses their resources to try and stop your mission, but you can also play in two-player skirmish mode. Now each player puts together a force using a point system and pits their force against the other. This mode is much more like a traditional miniatures game. Both modes of play are fun and engaging.

    To show you what Imperial Assault is all about, we’ll have a base set and several expansions set up this weekend for teaching and playing a few rounds. Drop by on Saturday 12-5pm and join in the fun. It’s only the galaxy at stake…

    Don’t worry, my friend’s down there. He’ll have that shield down in time… 


    Saturday, October 10th 12-5pm
    Star Wars: Imperial Assault Skirmish Demo
    Obi-Wan has taught you well. Now it’s our turn!