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    D&D Beginners Adventure

    November 10, 2015

    We’re pleased to be running a special session of Dungeons & Dragons in the store on Saturday, November 14th. This demo adventure is designed to introduce players to the game. If you’ve never played before and you’re interested in giving it a try, this is the perfect chance to do so. We’ll be running a mini-campaign in one day, which will allow players to drop in and out through the event as space allows. You can stay and play all day or just join us for a short one-hour section of the story. Just give us a yell and we’ll hold a spot for you – first come, first served!

    The event will consist of a series of five mini-adventures within Mulmaster, the City of Danger, in which the characters must thwart the schemes of the elemental cults trying to gain influence among Mulmasterites to advance their plans of elemental destruction. Stop the reckless destruction caused by the hate of Air, the self consuming passions of Fire, the imbalancing envy of Earth, the suffocating greed of Water, and the destructive power of all four brought together. Only through teamwork and a vague grasp of the rules will you emerge triumphant over the forces of evil!

    Saturday, November 14th 12-5pm
    Dungeons & Dragons Beginners Adventure
    Neither orc nor wight nor moldy ghoul can keep brave adventurers away!