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    D&D Curse of Strahd Release Event

    March 3, 2016

    On March 4th, Wizards of the Coast will release Curse of Strahd to select brick-and-mortar stores, taking us back to Castle Ravenloft and the horrors that lie within. On Sunday, March 6th and again on Saturday, March 12th, Gamescape will be hosting two special D&D Adventurers League gaming sessions using the introductory storyline taken from the new book. Veterans of the previous Ravenloft adventures will find new twists and turns while new players will get to explore the legendary setting that initiated so many of us to the gothic horror world of Ravenloft. Won’t you come join us? Count Strahd von Zarovich is expecting you, after all…

    Death House. Your adventure within this abode will be fraught with peril as deadly traps and cunning enemies oppose your every move. Within the heart of the Castle Ravenloft, the powerful vampire Count Srahd plots your downfall. Will you succeed and put an end to the Count’s villainous actions, or will you disappear into the castle never to return?

    The adventure will take more than one session but players may join or leave the scheduled events as they wish. Please let us know if you’d like to reserve a space at the gaming table on either day or both.

    Sunday, March 6th 12-6pm & Saturday March 12th 12-6pm
    Death House: Curse of Strahd Release Adventure
    Fear not the denizens of the House. Fear the House itself!