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    Review: Zombie Dice

    March 21, 2016

    Zombie Dice is a push-your-luck dice-rolling game in which players take on the roles of hungry zombies attempting to eat the delicious brains of not-quite-defenseless humans. As you and the other players hunt down the humans for sustenance, some of your quarry will escape, some will manage to blast you with a shotgun, and some will yield up their scrumptious brains to you and your undead chums. Be careful though – if you take too many hits, you’ll lose all the brains you’ve acquired thus far!

    A game of Zombie Dice plays out in about 10-15 minutes with each player taking turns rolling hands of the thirteen included dice. The object of the game is to be the first zombie to feast on thirteen brains, which makes that player the winner at the end of the current round. On your turn, you take three dice out of the cup at random and roll ‘em, setting aside Shotgun blasts as wounds, Brains as points, and leaving Footprints in front of you as potential rerolls. The most important decision in the game is how far you want to push your luck. Do you want to roll again, using the Footprints and enough random dice from the cup to get back up to three? Or will you solidify your gains, collecting points for all the Brains that you’ve earned so far and thereby ending your turn?

    Risk comes with the promise of reward, of course. If you get blasted three times by rolling Shotguns, your turn will end and you’ll get no points at all – a real tragedy for a zombie with hunger issues. While all the humans (e.g. the dice) can injure players, some are more dangerous than others. The red dice are the toughest customers with the most chances to fire back, the yellow dice are of moderate difficulty, and the green dice offer the most chances at getting brains per roll. This difficulty level is important, as drawing more dice from a cup containing mostly reds is incredibly risky, while drawing from a cup of all greens is a fairly safe bet. Counting dice therefore helps inform a decision to press or hold.

    There are currently two small expansions to Zombie Dice: the Double Feature Expansion, which adds the deadly Hunk, the elusive Hottie, and the generous Santa Claus dice to mix things up; and School Bus Expansion (dubbed “the lunch wagon” by zombies-in-the-know), which adds the 12-sided School Bus die and a whole bunch of fun and random combo rolls. As usual with Steve Jackson products, a number of other ZD-branded materials are available, like t-shirts, shot glasses, and extra score pads.

    Zombie Dice is incredibly easy to learn, and with its short play time and fast player turns, it’s a perfect game for killing time with friends, whether or not they are seasoned gamers. As an added bonus, the game’s compact form lets you easily take it with you wherever you go. When you’re hankering for brains, no other dice game does the trick like Zombie Dice!


    If you like: Age of War, Yahtzee, LCR
    You’d definitely enjoy: Zombie Dice
    MRP: $13.13
    Designer: Steve Jackson
    Produced by: Steve Jackson Games