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    Blood Bowl Spring & Summer Events

    March 31, 2016

    The season is almost upon us – BLOOD BOWL SEASON! That means it’s time to lace up your cleats and sharpen your shoulder-pad spikes. That also means that the gang at Gamescape North is getting ready to put some great fantasy football events on the calendar, and all the fun starts this month. Here’s what we have planned:

    Saturday, April 12th 6-10pm – Draft & Paint Team Prep Night

    We’re dedicating a special Pizza & Painting night to helping people get ready for the season. Our commissioners will be on-hand to answer rules questions, discuss tactics, and go over team requirements for the upcoming events. Bring your out-of-shape hopefuls and we’ll help you pound ’em into some semblance of athleticism. Have a seat at the draft table and get some painting and converting done in good company. Check out our huge 50% off sale wall for bits and bobs to make your players extra sharp – literally!

    Sunday, April 24th 12-6pm – Blood Bowl Pre-Season Tournament of Champions

    You’ll be able to test your mettle – and your metal – against other teams-in-training at our special pre-season tournament. It’s a free event that’s meant to help everyone get acquainted with the latest version of the Blood Bowl rules. You’ll need to bring a legal team worth 1 million gold pieces and make sure it’s checked-in with our commissioners before the event. Your team doesn’t need to be painted, but be aware that painted teams will enjoy a +5 Fan Factor when playing against unpainted teams. Casualties and Injuries do not carry over from previous games for the purposes of this tournament, and Swiss-paired rounds will determine the winner of the event. So win or lose, everyone gets to play all day long!

    May & June – GSN Blood Bowl League 2016

    But all of this is just pre-season. Coming in May and June, we’ll be announcing our plans for a proper GSN Summer Blood Bowl League once everyone’s comfortable with the rules and ready to finalize their team rosters. Watch this space for more about our upcoming league so you can be the first to stake your claim as one of the premier North Bay Blood Bowl teams!


    Saturday, April 12th 6-10pm • Sunday, April 24th 12-6pm
    GSN Blood Bowl Pre-Season Warm-Ups
    Ra ra ree, kick ’em in the knee, and arm, and head…