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    GSN 2016 Blood Bowl League

    June 2, 2016

    The Pre-Season has ended. The weak have been culled. Now only the strongest teams remain to play in this year’s GSN 2016 Blood Bowl League. For the next eight weeks, horrific squads of fantasy footballers will battle to earn the favor of Nuffle, the Lord of Blood Bowl. At the end of league season, the two top teams will compete for the fabled Gamescape Supa Bowl Cup.

    Though Games Workshop just announced that a new edition of Blood Bowl will be released in the next year, we can’t wait and are starting the fun NOW. That means it’s time to lace up your cleats and sharpen your shoulder-pad spikes. All players are welcome, no matter their Pre-Season standings or even if they’ve never before played at the store. As long as you have a team, you’re allowed on our gridiron! Here are the specs:

    The 2016 League will last for two months, throughout the summer during June and July. We’re dedicating our tables to weekly Sunday games (with the exception of June 26th and July 17th) and Blood Bowl players will get priority in the back of the store. Players are allowed play their opponent any day of the week and even outside of the store, but we’re offering special Fan Factor bonuses if you show up at GSN to play on any given Sunday.

    The accepted starting team value is 1,000,000 GP, and we’ll be using the Blood Bowl Competition Rules throughout the League season. Painted teams will also get a bonus Fan Factor over unpainted teams. Entry to the League is $5.00 for the entire season!


    Sundays in June and July, 2-6pm.
    GSN Blood Bowl League 2016
    Ra ra ree, kick ’em in the knee, and arm, and head…