Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower Demo Days


The latest offering from Games Workshop is here and it’s a blast from the past with a brand new twist – an awesome reimagining of the venerable Warhammer Quest board game! In Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower, the action is now set in the Age of Sigmar fantasy world where players take on the roles of mighty adventurers attempting to conquer the great tricks and traps lain by the Gaunt Summoner in his labyrinth-like Silver Tower. There are numerous scenarios in the game that offer challenges that you can play through, and they all play differently each time thanks to the modular system of passages and encounters. The box is, of course, full of beautiful miniatures to build and paint, and there are also expansion rules available for bringing more characters into the game from the larger Age of Sigmar line of miniatures.

We’ll have our painted store copy of the game out and ready to play three times in June: on Saturday, June 4th and Saturday, June 25th we’ll be showing off the goods all day long 12-6pm. On Thursday, June 16th we’ll be featuring Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower as a special Gotta-Play demo at our Board Game Night 6-11pm. You can join us at any of these free demos for just a few rounds of combat, or you’d be welcome to stick around and slog through the entire dungeon. Either way, this new box is worth a close look!


Saturday, June 4th • Thursday, June 16th • Saturday, June 25th
Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower Demos
Brave the twisted corridors and defeat the Gaunt Summoner!