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    Stormcloud Attack Demo

    July 2, 2016

    This Tuesday, July 5th, Jordan and the gang will be demoing the new aerial combat game in the world of Warhammer 40K – Stormcloud Attack! This is a fun and free event we’re running to introduce people to the rules that come with all three of the new Stormcloud Attack Boxes.

    Interested players should feel free to bring their favorite flier, regardless of army faction, to test your skills against other top aces. If you don’t have one handy, we’ll have a large selection in the store for purchase, or you can even use one of the demo models we’ll have available.

    The galaxy of the 41st millennium burns, trapped in an unending war, with every race set against every other, in all imaginable theatres of war. A vital component of these battles is the desperate struggle for aerial superiority: wings of aircraft engaging in spectacular dogfights, weaving through storms of bullet hell, swooping into valleys to shake off enemies before unleashing incredible firepower, climbing at stunning speed to gain the perfect angle for a volley of missiles… the skies darken with fleets of combat aircraft vying for superiority, with the unfortunate second-best falling from the sky in spiralling pieces.

    Warhammer 40K Stormcloud Attack Demo
    Tuesday, July 5th 6-8pm
    The sky shall be your grave.