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    Warhammer 40K Apocalypse Battle

    July 23, 2016

    40K Apocalypse Logo

    Just a quick reminder that this Sunday, July 24th, Gamescape North will be hosting a massive Warhammer 40K Apocalypse battle at the store. The madness will begin at noon and go until around 6pm. The game will involve one main board, where the forces of the Imperium must assault a fortified Citadel of Chaos, and three side boards where players can contribute to the main game by disabling artillery targeting on main board, ship lances firing on the battlefield, or destroying outflanking reinforcements.

    The first eight players per side can bring up to 1500 points of models (or 1750 points of models if the models are painted!). There will be no proxies allowed, but conversions are fine. You must know the rules of the models you bring (these games take a long time and even longer if you don’t know the rules.) If you want to sign up for one of the side boards please contact us as there are limited spots available and these battles encourage alternate army construction.

    This event is free, and we’ll be holding a raffle for some great GW product for if you’re feeling lucky!

    The Dark Forgeworld of Cyclothrathe has returned. Lost within the warp for a thousand years, they have begun renewed assaults on the Coronoid Deeps. Bringing with them a horde of Traitors, Demons, and Biological Horrors never before seen by the eyes of the Imperium. With a foothold now established, it has fallen upon the forces of the Imperium and their allies to push back the invaders and their monstrous allies…

    Warhammer 40K Apocalypse Battle
    Sunday, July 24th, 12-6pm
    Some folks just want to see the Galaxy burn…