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    Pokemon League Now on Mondays!

    August 7, 2016

    In addition to our regular Pokemon League meeting on one Sunday each month, we’re officially extending the League into weekly events on every Monday afternoon! At our League days, both new and experienced players are welcome to trade cards and deck-building advice and wage casual Pokemon battles through the afternoon. Alongside regular League casual play, we’ll also be running intermittent draft tournaments and special formats like Cube and Sealed Releases to provide variety and a slightly higher level of competitive play. With a strong community of Pokemon players who are always looking for new challenges, we welcome all who are ready to learn and ready to play!

    Feel free to stop by and join in the fun, whether it’s for just a quick game or some much-needed trades. Make sure to also check out our Pokemon case, which is always filled with the newest card game product and supplies!

    Now on Mondays 2-5:30pm!
    Pokemon League @ GSN
    You’re most likely going to want to catch them all…