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    Warhammer Age of Sigmar Beginners League

    August 9, 2016


    Our Warhammer: Age of Sigmar community has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few weeks with the great Season of War campaign that’s been buzzing through the store. We’ve been talking to as many people as possible about our next big AoS event, and it’s now time to officially announce our Age of Sigmar Beginners League!

    The League will begin this Sunday, August 14th and will run through Sunday, September 11th. We’ve chosen this format because it’s a great way for new players to start battling at a low points value using the new Pitched Battle rules in the General’s Handbook. At the end of the League, each player will have a fully-legal 1000-point army they can use to battle on in other AoS events.

    The only cost to join is a Start Collecting box (or similar product) that can field around 400 points, and each player will then be expected to escalate their army size in 200-point increments each week for the four weeks of the League. The grand prize for the League Champion is a free Start Collecting box or a refund of their initial purchase, and we’ll also be giving away other cool prizes for Runner Up and Best Presentation at the end of the festivities!

    If you’d like to join in the fun, let us know before this coming Sunday with your name, army type, and email address. You’ll be asked to show proof of purchase of your Start Collecting box (or equivalent points-value thereof in other product), and we’ll get you down on the League roster immediately. We’re also accepting late sign-ups, though we’ll have to work out some make-up games depending on how late those players join in.

    Read on for all of the specific rules and organizational details, and if you have any further questions, please contact the store for answers. You’re also encouraged to join our Age of Sigmar Facebook community, where we’re quickly able to post League updates and answer queries in an efficient manner. For those not using Facebook, we’ll also be sending out League updates via email.

    Things kick off this Sunday at 12 noon and League games may be played on our regular dedicated Age of Sigmar Sundays or any other day that you have time and the store has space.

    When: August 14th to September 11th (four full weeks including five Sundays)
    Entry Cost: A Start Collecting Box for Age of Sigmar or around 400 points worth of models purchased expressly for this league. Recent purchases can be allowed but must be verified by an employee.

    Prize Placements:
    League Champion: 1 Start Collecting Box or a store credit for $85.
    Runner Up: $45/product
    Best Presentation: $30/product

    League Info:
    This is essentially a starter escalation league using a modified version of the Path to Glory rules that will take place over four weeks in August and September. Players should register on or before August 14th with their recently-purchased miniatures, army type, name, and email address. There is no additional cost to join. Players may sign up late after the first week but will have to make up games with employees or other league players who have already recorded their official games. Odd numbers of players that necessitate byes will be handled in a similar fashion.

    Each player starts with up to 400 points worth of models from a single army as per the AoS General’s Handook. The only binding formation rule that will be enforced at the beginning of the league is that each army must include one Leader in Week 1. At the start of each week of the league thereafter, players may choose one of two building options for their army:

    1) Players may add one new Leader or Behemoth (up to 200 points).
    2) Players may add one Battleline, Artillery, or Regular unit (up to 200 points).

    By the final week of the league, each player’s army should be able to take the field at no more than 1000 points (Vanguard size). Note all army-building requirements after the first week will be enforced, including all limits and restrictions on particular classifications of units. This means each army can have no more and no less than the legal units for a Vanguard Pitched Battle:

    2+ Battleline units
    1-4 Leaders
    0-2 Behemoths
    0-2 Artillery
    Any number of Regular (no-role) units

    At the conclusion of the Beginners League, this structure ensures that each participant will walk away with a fully-legal, 1000-point army ready to play in future Age of Sigmar Pitched Battle events!

    Advancement Rolls:
    Starting with Week 2, each player may roll on their Allegiance’s Path to Glory advancement table (pp. 68-83) of the General’s Handbook) to improve a single Leader or other unit. This means by the end of the league each army will have three advancements from which to benefit.

    League Scoring:
    Players will engage in a total of eight individual battles over the course of the league at two per week, all of which must be played in the store. These can be on a Sunday (our regular Age of Sigmar Battle Day), or any other day in which your prospective opponents can participate (and as long as we have room on our tables!). Each win will award one victory point, and all battle results will be recorded by the store. At the end of eight battles, the player with the best record will be declared the League Champion. All ties will be first broken by whether the players’ armies are fully painted. If both are or are not painted, a final 1000-point battle will be held to determine the League Champion.

    Match-Ups & Challenges:
    As this is meant to be a light “starter” league to get players up and running, there will be no official matching up of armies. Players are encouraged to challenge other players and get their games in as they have time at two per week. Player challenges can always be turned down if you don’t want to play against a particular army, but each player must meet the eight-game requirement (and two games per week) to qualify for any of the prize placements. Note: all players must battle two different players each week.

    League Army Point Maximums:
    Week 1 (Aug 14 to Aug 20): No more than 400 points per army
    Week 2 (Aug 21 to Aug 27): No more than 600 points per army
    Week 3 (Aug 28 to Sept 3): No more than 800 points per army
    Week 4 (Sept 4 to Sept 11) No more than 1000 points per army

    Scenario (Battleplan) Requirements:
    We’ll be using four different Battleplans in the league, one for each week. Battleplans will be kept secret until the beginning of each week. We will announce the week’s universal Battleplan at that time and we’ll provide copies if you don’t already have access to them.

    Reserves & Summoning:
    We’ll be handling reinforcements and summoning using standard Reinforcement Points (p. 108 of the General’s Handbook).