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    Star Realms Game Day

    August 17, 2016

    Join us this Saturday, 12-4pm for our first ever Star Realms Deckbuilding Game gaming day! This free event will pit starship fleet commanders against each other in a bid to take over the galaxy.

    Players will start with a deck full of Scouts and Vipers, purchasing new cards to add to their deck as ships or bases. Each ship or base you add belongs to a galactic faction, and each has its own specialty. Recruit strong additions from the aggressive Star Empire, the economic Trade Federation, the recycling Machine Cult, and the overwhelming Blob! Savvy players will need cards from multiple factions to do well, but many cards get additional bonuses if you have a second card of that faction, which pushes players to specialize. Managing those incentives can prove challenging, and don’t forget that your opponent can also buy the cards you want! Games are between two players and take around thirty minutes.

    Players should either be familiar with the rules of Star Realms and have their own deck, or they can simply show up and be ready to learn. Decks and booster expansions will be available for purchase in the store for those that want them.

    Star Realms is an award-winning spaceship combat deckbuilding game designed by Magic: the Gathering Pro Tour Champions and Hall of Famers Darwin Kastle and Rob Dougherty. The game offers all the thrills of traditional trading card game style combat, combined with the fun of a deckbuilding game. Play powerful ships, destroy enemy bases or blast your opponent directly on your way to victory! Find out more here.

    Star Realms DBG Game Day
    Saturday, August 20th 12pm-4pm
    Fall in and claim your Star Realm!